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My First Saddlesore 1000

In June 2012, I completed my first Saddlesore 1000, riding 1048 hours from Warrenville, IL to Des Moines, Kansas City, Sedalia, St. Louis and back to Warrenville, just west of Chicago. I chose to wear several items recently acquired from Real-Rider which I had not previously tried out. I realize this is counter to the suggestions from the Iron Butt Association but I could not have been more pleased. I wear a brand new pair of Sokz for my feetz , brand new Bodz T-Shirt and shorts, as well as a new pair of Eska riding gloves and Eska waterproof rain gloves.

I ride a 1200GS and have survived 25,000 miles on the stock seat, but never without noticing it and considering one of the custom seats. Temperatures ranged on this Saddlesore from 58 to 95 degrees and we did have a bit of rain as well. I have always been a skeptic on the high-tech, high-performance undergarment hype, although I do enjoy several smart wool items in my wardrobe. Throughout this entire ride, I kept waiting for the inevitable discomfort to strike my posterior. I powdered up a couple of times. These Bodz and Sokz items did a great job for me! I could not have been more pleased. The waterproof Eska gloves were a great addition too, far more user friendly than the 3-fingered over glove monstrosities I had always used in the past. The Eska riding gloves were just perfect. I’ve always worn nice elkskin gauntlets but not since I got these Eska’s.

I’m not claiming I would not have been successful on my Saddlesore attempt without these great items, but I know I would have been a lot less happy at the end of this very long day. Thanks, Real Rider!


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